Case Study: DSPortal

From Planning to MVP

DSPortal website and login page

From Idea to MVP

When our client came to us with an idea for an application that would allow DSPs (Direct Support Professionals) to find local activities and events for their clients more efficiently, we were happy to help!


The challenge

Create a product quickly and within budget

Creating an application always presents many challenging obstacles to overcome. Whether these challenges take the form of budgetary or timeline restrictions, the need for more research and validation, or all of the above – one thing is certain...

Every app is a journey of its own.

In the case of DSPortal, the client came to us with an idea that had already been researched and validated, but we needed to come up with a way to get a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) out the door – quickly and within budget.

The solution

An Application built on a WordPress Foundation

In order to rapidly develop an application that would be within budget and on-time, we decided to build it on top of WordPress.  WordPress is a widely popular website platform that has thousands of plugins already trusted by hundreds of thousands of websites.  It also has a growing community and plenty of updates to keep it secure.

Using WordPress allowed us the luxury of knowing that the basic content management system, user management and performance would all be taken care of.  This means we only had to worry about the business logic and focusing on the client's vision.

With WordPress' built-in plugin system, we were able to create a series of custom plugins that transformed WordPress into an application with a custom look and feel that aligned with our client's expectations.

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Success 3

The results

A rapidly developed Application that is both reliable and flexible

Built upon WordPress, we were able to create an application that not only met the client's needs but is also maintainable and easily expanded upon.  With the MVP ready to go, our client was able to provide demontrations and begin to build a strong user base.

Looking ahead we can continue to build on the system as more feature requests come in and the system we built will allow more DSPs to help those with disabilities realize their full potential


Andrew did phenomenal work planning, redeveloping, and recreating DSPortal into a more streamlined, easy to use platform for people with disabilities.
I’m more than happy with the results and I feel I definitely got my money’s worth. Andrew was also great about adding components to the platform I never even thought of, so he’s very good at upgrading parts of an idea or a whole idea from ordinary to extraordinary!
Ezra Estey, CEO & Founder of DSPortal

Ezra Estey
Founder & CEO, DSPortal

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